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Requesting an Account


Data security is important. DC PCSB has made the intentional decision to prioritze security over convenience, and will continue to do so. We recognize these procedures add time to the process of getting started, and we thank you for your patience and commitment to data security.

Getting access to DC PCSB's data systems may take time, and we recommend LEAs actively manage who has access to our data systems before urgent deadlines arise. While DC PCSB staff make an effort to quickly address requests for new users, new user requests are not considered an emergency, and are prioritized accordingly.

For New Staff

If you do not have access to DC PCSB's data systems, and need to gain access, please reach out to your LEA Administrator. If you do not know who your LEA Administrator is, DC PCSB recommends reaching out to your LEA's data or operations manager. Data and operations managers are often (but not always) the LEA Administrator. Even if they are not the LEA Administrator, they can often point you in the right direction. For security and privacy reasons, we do not make the list of LEA Administrators available publicly.


We do not recommend emailing DC PCSB staff to gain access to our data systems. While DC PCSB staff will try to help you gain access to the Hub and/or Epicenter, it will involve reaching out to the LEA's Administrator. You can save time by checking internally at your LEA first.