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Requesting an Account


Data security is important. DC PCSB has made the intention decision to prioritze security over convenience, and will continue to do so. We recognize these procedures add time the process of getting started, and thank you for your patience and commitment to data security.

Getting access to DC PCSB's data systems may take time, and we recommend LEAs actively manage who has access to our data systems before urgent deadlines arise. While DC PCSB staff make an effort to quickly address requests for new users, new user requests are not considered an emergency, and are prioritized accordingly.

For New Staff

If you do not have access to DC PCSB's data systems, and need to gain access, please reach out to your LEA Administrator. If you do not know who your LEA Administrator is, DC PCSB recommends reaching out to your LEA's data or operations manager. Data and operations managers are often (but not always) the LEA Administrator. Even if they are not the LEA Administrator, they can often point you in the right direction. For security and privacy reasons, we do not make the list of LEA Administrators available publicly.


We do not recommend emailing DC PCSB staff to gain access to our data systems. While DC PCSB staff will try to help you gain access to the Hub, it will involve reaching out to the LEA's Administrator. You can save time by checking internally at your LEA first.

For LEA Administrators

Requesting New Users

DC PCSB only grants access to new users based on requests submitted in our ticketing system created by an LEA Administrator. This requirement allows us to audit our own security practices, monitor and manage response times, and ensure continuous coverage.

In order to grant access to a new user, please be sure to include the following information in the ticket:

  • The user's email address; and
  • The permissions the user should have; if not specified, DC PCSB will assign the users all of the permissions available to your LEA.

Managing Access

DC PCSB relies on LEAs managing their own users. It is each LEA's responsibility to ensure that the appropriate users have access, and that users are removed in a timely manner when they leave the LEA. Because DC PCSB's data systems are not connected to each LEA's systems, deleting a user's email address does not automatically revoke a user's access to DC PCSB systems. As long as the user remembers their password, they may be able to log in until they are forced to reset their password.

LEA Administrators can revoke a user's access by clicking revoke on the user in the LEA Administrator's Control Center Dashboard.

Managing Permissions

In addition to access, users can also be granted "permissions" to see and work with specific types of data. These permissions are managed at the LEA level; for users with access to data for multiple LEAs, it is possible for a user to have permission to see information for one LEA and not for another.

Permissions are designed to compartmentalize sensitive conent within the data system. DC PCSB allows each LEA's Administrator to manage their users' permissions within the system. Only the LEA's Administrator can make changes to permissions at the LEA.

Individual user's permissions and the email address of your LEA Administrator are available at the bottom of your home screen within the Hub.

LEA Administrators can grant or revoke permission to specific types of data within the LEA Administrator's Control Center Dashboard.