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Password Resets


We often get the question, "Why can't you just reset my password for me?"

The answer is that we cannot reset your password for you because we do not have your password. This is a good thing — because DC PCSB does not have your password, we cannot lose it, abuse it, or have it stolen from us.

It does mean, however, that you must follow the password reset process below in order to change or recover a lost password.

Password Resets

We currently use Quick Base to manage all password resets. Rather than reinventing the wheel, we refer you to their excellent documentation to reset your password.

Common Issues

DC PCSB has seen the following common issues - before asking for additional support, please make sure you read through this list carefully, and confirm you've done all these steps.

  • Make sure you’re on the correct website (

    • Scenario: the user was trying to log into a DC PCSB platform using a username and password that they use with OSSE, or vice-versa
  • Make sure you’re using the email address associated with your account

    • Scenario: the user has multiple email addresses. Sometimes this is due to a re-branding which caused their email address to change. Other times, the user's name changed. DC PCSB's systems do not automatically update to match new email addresses; we can support email address changes, but you need to log in with the old email address and create a ticket for us to make those changes. You can find this email in your inbox by searching for emails from
  • Make sure you click “No” when asked “Do you have a DC Public Charter School Board corporate username and password?”

    • Scenario: clicking "Yes" will take you to a URL which starts; if you reach this page, you need to go back and click "No". Trying to log in or reset your password on will never work, because you do not have an account on this platform.
  • Password Lock-Outs:

    • Scenario: the user has entered an incorrect password 5 times in a row, and is now locked out. In these cases, there is nothing DC PCSB can do. You must wait 25 minutes before trying again or changing your password. Please do not email DC PCSB with this issue; even if we could lift the 25 minute waiting period, we cannot respond to your email faster than the 25 minute lock out period.