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Resiliency Scales for Children and Adolescents

Key Information

Collection Template

Position Column Name Required Format Description
0 Data Type True Text Resiliency Scales for Children and Adolescents
1 LEA ID True Integer (Small)
2 LEA False Text
3 Campus ID True Integer (Small)
4 Campus False Text
5 School Year True Text YYYY-YYYY
6 USI True Integer (Big)
7 First Name False Text
8 Last Name False Text
9 Assessment Grade False Text
10 Category True Mapped ID Accepted Values:
11 End Score False Integer (Small)
12 Target Met False Mapped Text Accepted Values:
  • N/A
  • NO
  • YES

Shading Key

Primary Key Column Column(s) which uniquely define the row, and is required in all submissions
Expected Column Column which is expected in a complete submission; in case where the data are missing and the column is not required, these columns may be left blank
Non-Loaded Column Column which is not loaded; these columns are provided to support use of the table, but can be left blank in submissions

Common Errors

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  • No common errors