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Key Information

Collection Template

Position Column Name Required Format Description
0 Data Type True Text LAP-3
1 LEA ID True Integer (Small)
2 LEA False Text
3 Campus ID True Integer (Small)
4 Campus False Text
5 School Year True Text YYYY-YYYY
6 USI True Integer (Big)
7 First Name False Text
8 Last Name False Text
9 Assessment Grade False Text
10 Subject True Mapped ID Accepted Values:
  • MATH
11 Spring Test Date False Date
12 Age (Months) False Integer (Small) Enter the student's age at the time of the spring test administration in months as an integer. If the age is fractional, the lower integer may be reported.
13 End Level False Integer (Small)
14 Accountability Numerator False Integer (Small) 0 (Negative Outcome) or 1 (Positive Outcome) A student is considered to have a positive outcome if their End Level is greater than or equal to the End Level Age Expectation for their age: - 0-18 Months: 12 - 18-23 Months: 18 - 24-29 Months: 24 - 30-35 Months: 30 - 36-41 Months: 36 - 42-47 Months: 42 - 48-53 Months: 48 - 54-59 Months: 54 - 60-65 Months: 60 - 65+ months: 66
15 Accountability Denominator False Integer (Small) 0 (Excluded from Rates) or 1 (Included in Rates)

Shading Key

Primary Key Column Column(s) which uniquely define the row, and is required in all submissions
Expected Column Column which is expected in a complete submission; in case where the data are missing and the column is not required, these columns may be left blank
Calculated Column Column which is calculated based on other data (provided in submission or otherwise); these columns can be left blank
Non-Loaded Column Column which is not loaded; these columns are provided to support use of the table, but can be left blank in submissions

Common Errors

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  • No common errors