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Adult Entries


DC PCSB will collect the following student-level data points via the Hub’s Adult Entries table: program enrollment, employment at entry, and diploma at entry. Schools are expected to fill in the appropriate information for students as they enroll. DC PCSB will review the data for completion quarterly. DC PCSB will also use the data as the basis of the Adult PMF Roster at the beginning of the Adult Education PMF Data Collection and Validation process.

The table is updated daily with new enrollment data from OSSE. If the LEA changes a student's entry date after it has been sent to OSSE, both entry dates for a student will appear. For students with multiple enrollment periods, this is allowable. If the entry date changes due to a clerical error, please submit a ticket referencing both the old entry date (to be deleted) and the new entry date.

Key Information

Collection Template

Position Column Name Required Format Description
0 Data Type True Text Adult Entries
1 LEA ID True Integer (Small)
2 LEA False Text
3 Campus ID True Integer (Small)
4 Campus False Text
5 School Year True Text YYYY-YYYY
6 USI True Integer (Big)
7 First Name False Text
8 Last Name False Text
9 Quarter True Integer (Small) Quarter of entry
10 Diploma at Entry True Boolean (True/False) Yes: the student had a diploma on entry. No: the student did not have a diploma on entry
11 Employed at Entry True Boolean (True/False) Yes: the student was employed on entry. No: the student was not employed on entry
12 Programs True Text Each LEA must submit entry data containing only programs they selected on the Declarations form. Accepted Programs: * ABE * Academic Enhancement * Alfabetizaci—n * Bilingual Teaching * Child Development Associate * Citizenship * Coding * College Entry * College Pathway * College Readiness * CompTIA A+ * CompTIA Network+ * CompTIA Security+ * Computer Literacy * Construction * Cosmetology * Culinary Arts * Customer Service * ESL * Family Reading Journal Rubric * Foundations of Literacy * Gateway * GED (English) * GED (Spanish) * HVAC 608 * HVAC 609 * IET * Information Technology * Internet Core Competency * IT Fundamentals * Math * Medical Assistant * Microsoft Office Specialist * NEDP * Nurse Aide * OSHA * Pre-GED * Pre-Pathway * Study Session * Technology Skills * Two Generation Program

Shading Key

Primary Key Column Column(s) which uniquely define the row, and is required in all submissions
Expected Column Column which is expected in a complete submission; in case where the data are missing and the column is not required, these columns may be left blank
Non-Loaded Column Column which is not loaded; these columns are provided to support use of the table, but can be left blank in submissions

Common Errors

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